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So here it is finally, my Cast List! This is just a list of people who I tend to mention in my diary. I had to stop myself from writing down every single person I know, but as it is I still have a long list! Anyway, if you've been wondering about a name somewhere in my entries, you'll probably find it here. And if not, that probably means I forgot to add it. :P There were so many people that I couldn't think of ALL of them!

Folks That Don't Fit In A Category

Mom - Self-explanatory, I'd like to think. ;)

Dad - Another self-explanatory one. The only difference is, I actually like and live with my mother, whereas Dad could be off frolicking with women in Fiji for all I know (or care). :P

"La Whore" - Dad's lover. He cheated on Mom for 3 years with this woman before finally 'fessing up. So yeah, she gets no respect from me.

Charlie - A friend of Mom's. He gets on my nerves a lot, but I'm trying--somewhat feebly--to get along with him. It works sometimes.

Adrienne - Another of Mom's friends. She's alright, though she tends to get on my nerves sometimes. Still, when she's not locked up in her house with drugs, she's not that bad a person!

Mel - She hasn't been mentioned in a LONG time, but we used to be fairly good friends. I finally stopped hanging out with her when her superficial and self-centered behavior became too much. We chat every so often now, and I think she's a little bit better than before, but we still don't hang out.

Kathy and Amy - I've known these two girls since they were in kindergarten and preschool (respectively), and I was in 5th grade. o_O Makes for an interesting relationship, eh? Still, despite the fact that we rarely talk or see each other anymore I think of them as younger sisters. I watched them grow up, after all!

Tiff - A very very good friend of mine. And the only girl from high school that I still associate with! *giggles* What can I say, she's just that special! :) She got me reading "The Wheel of Time" series, and then later I lent her the "Harry Potter" series. It's so great to have a friend that shares my greatest interest!

Geoff - He technically doesn't need to be here, considering I talk about him in 98% of my entries! Anyway, as you might have guessed, we're getting married. JUST KIDDING! I'm still working on the 'dating' part. ^^; But seriously, above all else, he's come to be one of my best friends. He's certainly one of the most offbeat people I've ever met, but at the same time there's a serious side to him that I really appreciate. Reading through these entries, you can really see how our relationship has evolved, which is kinda neat!

Tim - Geoff's roommate. I met him only one time before going off to college (and that had been months and months before going), but after I was at college he talked to me more than Geoff did! He annoys me more than anything now. I know he means well, but I wish he'd stop playing Geoff's shadow!

Melissa M - When I first moved to this area back in...1990 or '91, Melissa was one of the first friends I made (along with Kathy and Amy). Despite all our petty arguments and fights, she was the closest--and dearest--friend I've ever had. The friendship sort of deteriorated after I moved to Massachusetts for a year, and we've never shared that same closeness again (we actually hadn't even spoken to each other for a few years, because our paths had become so separated), but just recently we sort of 'found' each other again. I still don't feel as close to her as I once did, but it's nice to talk to her again!


Kristen - My roommate. It took me awhile to get used to her, but either I've adjusted to her personality VERY well or she's loosened up a lot since the beginning of college. Either way, I love her now! Occasionally, though, her fundamentalist religious attitudes grate on my nerves.

Pam - During my first year at college, she was my eccentric neighbor. I started off disliking her with a passion, but now we get along fairly well. I rarely see her anymore now, though, because she lives in a sorority house and I live on the other side of town. :P

Lauren - For the first year, she was one of "The Gang". She's a theatre major, and every bit as melodramatic and unpredictable as anyone else from that department. Toward the end of my second semester, I was getting irritated at her more than I was getting along with her, and by now I haven't seen hardly anything of her!

Amanda - We went from hanging out alll the time during our freshman year to hardly seeing each other! I still love her to death, but between her sorority, tennis, and academic responsibilities, we usually don't get to talk for weeks at a time. *sniffle*

Kevin - Another of the first friends I made at college. We call each other brother and sister (him being the younger, hehe) because we look so much alike. I hardly see him anymore, either, because he has so many responsibilities...but I know he's there if I need to talk to him! :)

Jess - We're both Communication majors, and I met her in one of my classes. Despite our general lack of shared interests, I'm so glad to have befriended her and I love being around her. I won't take another Comm class unless she's in it! ;)

TV Folks

Kyle - He's pretty much my boss. But that's okay, because I'm the teaching assistant for his class. Bwa ha ha... ;) He's a really nice guy, the sort you can't help but feel comfortable around. He's also rather attractive, with light brown hair that falls in messy curls onto his forehead, pale blue eyes, and a definite lopsided grin. I might want to date him if not for Geoff! Heehee...

Jamie - She's a little on the short side, with a bouncy blonde ponytail and a round impish face. Outside of work, I enjoy being around her. Her personality takes a bit of getting used to, but in the workplace...keep us separated! She turns into a monster, lol!

Matt - Planet Matt, whose orbit is constantly in Galaxy Arrogant. He's graduated now, and I never got to accomplish my goal of trying to befriend him. Oh well, at least he stopped paying attention to me, which meant no yelling at me!

Melissa - aka Mel (so if you see me talking about a Mel in more recent entries, it's this girl!)...I met her first in my Intro to Images class, but she's turned into a pretty good friend. I mean, anyone who lets you crash at their place and get sick in their bathroom has to be a good friend, right? LOL...Seriously, though, we get along really well, and I'm glad I decided not to be so quiet in class and actually talk to her!

Online Friends

These are in no particular order! :)

Janette - Or Jam, as I call her! I've known her for YEARS, and I'd like to one day be able to fly out to Australia and meet her! She's such a sweetheart, and I feel sometimes like she's my twin because we've got the same silly sort of humor and we understand the same sorts of things.

Laura - aka Lola. I think I met her through Janette, but we'd been reading each other's diaries before that so we kinda got to know each other before we actually talked! I've met her in person, and even though she's sort of quiet (*grins*), she's still a lot of fun and a really great person. Who's going to have the broadest education of anyone on the planet. ;)

The Message Board Folks - I'm constantly talking about the message board I go to now, and there are so many personalities there that it would take forever trying to list them all here! I think the main few I mention here are Katy, Crystal, and Addie/Lindsey, because I met them in person.


As of writing this, I'm not working for the store anymore (Slaveway has made it pretty near impossible for college kids to work there during breaks). Still, these folks were mentioned a LOT in past entries, so I'm keeping the list here!

Ben - He and Geoff used to work in the same department, until Geoff took Safeway's buyout and left the store forever. Anyway, Ben's extremely tall, quite wacky, but a fun guy nonetheless. His wackiness is amplified when inebriated, as I've discovered. :P He likes playing ice hockey. A lot.

Ernie - Works in the grocery department. I think he has a problem with personal hygiene, as he always smells of body odor, but despite my sensitive nostrils I still like him! :P He's actually a very intelligent guy, and some of the things he says have me cracking up. I call him my "Evil Overlord" and he's started calling me the "Evil Apprentice". *chuckles*

Leroy - "The Furry Little Hobbit", as I call him. Leroy's shorter than me, much hairier, and at times more crazy than Geoff, Ben, and Ernie combined. X_X He has mood swings though, so on most days he'll be friendly and all with me, but then on others he barely even speaks. I guess it's the job.

Frank - Ah, Frank. I went from loving him to pieces to kind of wishing he was out of my life. He's an overly sensitive, complaining sort of guy who likes make even the tiniest of problems into something really huge. Exaggerating is his specialty; I expect he's attention-starved at home.

Kirsten - She was transferred to a different store, unfortunately! There was a brief period when I didn't think very much of her, but by the time she left I'd come to really like her. I still become absurdly jealous of her whenever she's around Geoff, despite knowing that she really doesn't care for him in that way.

Erin - Doesn't really make appearances very often in here anymore. We both trained as cashiers together, and she gradually made her way up the 'front end' ladder while I scattered to nearly every other department in the store. :P We both have the same birthday, and I used to be jealous of her because she was so bright and bubbly and everyone seemed to love her. But now I've carved my own little niche for myself and I feel quite loved. ;)

Debbie - Or "Dubbie", as I've started calling her. She got the nickname because our manager accidentally said that over the intercom. :P Anyway, she's one of the women that works in the bakery and I love her to death! I tend to run to her when I need to talk about or confess something. Later note: she was transferred to another store while I was in college, and then she took the Safeway buyout. I am going to miss my Dubbie terribly!

Mare - Another of the women who works in the bakery. Her real name's Maryanne, just in case her nickname sounds a little equine to anybody. ;) I like to talk and joke with her, but I'd never pour my heart out to her or anything. Still, she's a nice woman. She was also transferred to another store, so even if I go back to work, I won't get to see her anymore! :

Joanne - I can only barely tolerate her, and that's just because I no longer have to work in the same department. Joanne's a cake decorator by title, but her true profession is gossiping and starting trouble. Anything you say to her will immediately be broadcast to the next person she sees, so it's not exactly wise to go telling her private things. She also has this knack for making her coworkers miserable.

Karen - She used to be another of the cake decorators, but she was transferred to another store. Had a tendency to do some back-stabbing of her own, but despite that I couldn't help liking her. Well, liking to talk to her, anyway. I hated working with her because she was so lazy. But she was one of the best people to listen to my numerous Geoff stories, because she was always so enthusiastic and understanding and helpful!

Zenon - Our old bakery manager. After the higher-ups totally shafted him, he got smart and left the company. Haven't heard from him since, but I really miss him! He annoyed me sometimes, but he was a wacky, funny, considerate sort of guy who always seemed to make things brighter in the bakery.

Jason - Zenon's replacement. He is lazy and a nightmare to work with, but at the same time he always cracks me up whenever I'm around him. As a person, I don't mind hanging around him. I just don't like to work with him. Later note: he left the company and, last I heard, is working as a car salesman. Heh.

John - Our old bakery manager, who got moved over to food service. I went from disliking him to liking him to hating him...but now that Karen's gone, he isn't so bad. I just hate food service, that's all. :P

EJ - The grocery department's manager. He's like Hitler with a 70's porno mustache. :P I used to think he was okay, but now I can't really stand the guy.

Dave - The store manager. He's a really nice guy, if somewhat clueless to how his employees are feeling. Or maybe he's super perceptive and he just doesn't let on. I've known about people who are that clever...(Oh, and HE was transferred as well! The new store manager is a guy named Steve, who was actually the guy that first interviewed me back in 2000. But I don't know him very well.)

Barb - Or "Nazi Barb", as I call her. She's the one who ended up replacing Kirsten, and while she IS technically a nice woman, she's turned into a nitpicker now that she has 'power'. I'd rather she not come anywhere near me.

Nicole - I used to really like her, but once she got more power, she turned into something of a Nazi as well. And she can't be trusted, as I once thought she could. It's depressing, really. She was transferred, too. There really are very few of the 'old crowd' left at that place!

Anyway, that's it for now. I don't think I've left anyone out...and if I have, it's not out of any sort of dislike! :P Well, it might be depending on who the person is. *giggles* I doubt this list will change all that often, but if I start mentioning new people a lot, then I'll add 'em. ;)

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