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Today's rambling: It's always something!
Written on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2005 at 12:47 a.m.
while feeling a bit
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I was ridiculously late getting my article in this week, because the people I was supposed to interview didn't get back to me 'til late. Well...only one girl got back to me at all. The other was MIA. So my article this week was only 263 words long, and I'm sure Ashley just LOVED that.

So then tonight she emailed me my assignment for next week, and it was another speaker presentation. However, I register for classes half an hour after the presentation starts, so I had to email her and tell her I couldn't do it! started off as me saying I couldn't, but then I realized that as long as I could get someone to cover about 10 minutes of it for me, all I'd have to do was run across the street to the library, register (which would take maybe 5 minutes tops), and then come back. I figured that would work out, but Ashley wrote me back and said not to worry about it, that she'd find someone else. Just a one-liner, so now I'm panicked that she's really starting to think I'm not very reliable! Not just because of these two things, but because something ALWAYS pops up to hinder me with this newspaper thing! If it's not one problem it's another, and I'm always super apologetic but that can only go so far!

*sigh* It's not a huge weight on my mind or anything, but it DOES make me feel really badly!

(on a random note...I love you, Janette. ^_^ Thank you for making me feel better with those IMs!!)

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