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Today's rambling: Vote for me! Please!
Written on Thursday, Dec. 07, 2006 at 10:50 p.m.
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Hehe...well, if there was anyone hanging in the balance for the past year, I'd just like to say that I made the audition and snagged the part of "The Flood" in the Vagina Monologues this past February. AWESOME experience. I'd love to do it again, in a non-college setting...if only I could screw up that kind of courage again! ;)

Anyway, just posting here to see if I can scrounge up even one more person to help me out. ;) I entered a short movie contest a couple of weeks ago, and my movie is one of the finalists. The contest isn't based on quality, though, it's based on how many people each contestant can get to vote. So that's why I need you (and whoever else you can persuade to help)!

Go to this URL-- and vote for my movie (called "Spam")! There is a registration required, but it's SUPER short. The only maddening part about it is the image verification bit (seriously, I think sites are getting a little carried away with trying to make those things robot-proof), but it'll take you like 30 seconds TOPS.

The contest runs until December 21st, so come on, whoever's out there! Give me a 5-star vote so I can win a trip to Australia!!! Hell, if you're bored, you can make up multiple accounts (though I didn't tell you that)! Hehe

Thanks to anyone who does it! :)

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